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Innovative and unique are the best two words to describe my shopping experience using the online Greens Supermarket website.Apart from having a user friendly website three things i like from using the Greens website are that they have a massive variety of products to choose from with a vast range of brands in different categories especially the fruit and veggies :) , special offers and products on promotion are sectioned separately on the site so that you may go directly there and see what's on offer and finally it's rewarding to buy from greens online as i get points every time I shop, I can choose to get loyalty points instead of other free things.I also would like to mention and praise the staff at greens supermarket, customer care agents are so helpful and resourceful whilst the delivery persons can go that extra mile for you to help to deliver the shopping on time and in the kitchen!Greens website has saved me so much time and it allows me to see an accurate picture of what I am purchasing. Thumbs up all the way, keep up your good practice. 

by Mrs Sammut

I love - ordering is quick; the site is very easy to use, even from my mobile; I can choose from a wide variety of brands and can find just about everything; products are very easy to find; orders are delivered everyday and the times are very convenient; I order just a few hours before delivery, no need to order a day ahead;  delivery is free for orders of only €50; very good loyalty scheme; good prices; offers in store are also available online; the delivery persons are always on time and are very nice and helpful; communication with the staff is easy; I am always called when items are out of stock; customer service is impeccable and; I can choose between three methods of payment......... I can't ask for more. Thank you!

by Mrs Attard

I have been purchasing online from Greens supermarket for a number of years.  I have two young kids a 2 year old and 4 year old and going to the supermarket makes it very difficult. On the other I demand and look for fresh items, genuine products and at Greens I found nowadays friends who have helped me throughout the years to always supply me with first hand assistance by ensuring that the website contains a true picture of all the items available at greens, the staff ensures that all goods are prepared and if there are any missing items or vary in price or brand they make sure that they inform me prior to the delivery of the goods.  Very very rarely, close to none has there been a time where something was returned and if it was the case, it was most probably me pressing the wrong button at the time of order. Impeccable service of excellence.  My orders are weekly and quite lengthy and never had I found an inconsistent service.  They seek and ask ways of how to improve and I can truly confirm that they are the best in the way the site is designed, the fact that it offers you also templates, the way that they reply back to you to confirm discrepancies, and the impeccable service of delivery, on the same day sometimes within hours.  The food always delivered in an appropriate manner, frozen items still frozen, fresh fruit and vegetables that last up until they are consumed since I buy weekly and at times I do not use all the fruit and vegetables during the same week. I think you are a complete team, you seek for constructive critism and you are not afraid of changing and adapting.  And so I wish you success in any future new ventures and growth opportunities since I believe as a company you have the right attributes to seek excellence in the delivery of service. The last two words that go to you THANK YOU!

by Mrs Scerri

I have been online shopping from Greens Supermarket ever since they launched their website, around 5 years ago. I had ordered from other online supermarkets but was never impressed. Once I experienced the customer care that Greens Supermarket had to offer, I've been their loyal customer ever since. I order my shopping weekly. Their website is fast and very practical. All the items are sectioned and sub-sectioned which make it very easy for the customer to find the items needed to be added to the cart. I also like the fact that I can save my Template Orders for items that I buy from week to week so I don't have to search for those items every time. The picture of each item is displayed next to the description for easy reference.On the day that the order needs to be delivered, I always get a call from a member of staff to ask if I need any replacement for items that might be out of stock or unavailable. The delivery persons always deliver between the times stipulated in my order. Always so mannered and diplomatic but most of all so efficient. The orders are always delivered up to my door, unlike other supermarkets that leave your shopping downstairs and you need to carry all the heavy boxes up yourself. All frozen items remain frozen by the time they get to me thanks to their refrigerated vans. Anytime I needed to return an item, it was never a problem and no questions are ever asked. All in all, I give Greens Supermarket a ten on ten for service and customer care. I must say, I'm a very happy customer and would never even think of changing my supermarket :) 

by Mrs. McShannon

 I’ve been using Greens for online shopping for about 2 years now and they are amazing!! Not only price wise but even for all the people involved! They call to tell me what items are not available and with what they will replace them with, always on time and the delivery ppl are so nice!  Once we had the lift not working and they came up the stairs with all the stuff!  Plus the website is super user friendly! Thumbs up for the whole team.

by Mrs. Camilleri