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Greens Supermarket’ is a family run business which has been in the supermarket trade for a number of years. It all started as a small family grocer some 30 years ago and today it is a second generation family concern operating a large Supermarket with an area of over 1,000 sq. meters of space in one of Malta’s up market localities. The firm has a compliment of 40 personnel of which many are family members ensuring that personal and constant special attention towards our clientele and which has contributed towards the success of this enterprise. This firm has always believed in keeping abreast with the newest technology. During the years we have always invested through continuous refurbishing programs ensuring our refrigeration and freezer counters together with our shelving are the latest available from the continent mainly from Italy. We purchase our supermarket food products from local sources, but since Malta joined the European Community we have established many trade contacts with wholesale suppliers within the community, mainly from Sicily, Italy, Germany, including The Nederland’s and the United Kingdom. Our main aim is to ensure that our clientele will always have the best available products with the most advantageous prices. “Greens Supermarket’ is now embarking on another ambitious project – to have our products available to our customers on line. We have invested in a ‘Shop on Line’ website. The portal is entrusted to Krystal Point IT Services who specialize in back-end development (, and are responsible for the site’s development and maintenance. 

The portal has been developed with the aim of introducing a familiar concept for clients. The site should serve as a platform whereby clients can easily browse for the numerous products they would normally find from our supermarket. Our prices are most competitive and special fantastic offers will be made available. We will be sending out newsletters by email each time a new offer is introduced. 

Kindly note that our present points system is being retained and points are earned even when you are shopping on line. 

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