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Online Help

Q: What are the delivery hours?

A: The Delivery Hours are from 09:00 – 20:00 from Monday to Saturday. Please note that Orders done on Sunday will be done on Monday.

Q: Are orders delivered on a particular day according to my location area?
A: No, deliveries are done to any area everyday. However sometimes deliveries can take up to 2 working days.

Q: Do you deliver throughout Malta & Gozo?
A: Currently we will be delivering to all locations in Malta, however in the future we would consider delivering throughout Gozo depending on the outcome.

Q: How long after I place my order would the delivery arrive?
A: Deliveries will be delivered between 1-2 working days.

Q: Will I be notified when the order leaves the store?
A: Yes, we will e-mail you accordingly.

Q: My order has missing items, what now?
A: Should the order have any missing items, please do inform us right away by using the contact information on our website.

Q: Can I set a delivery date & time?
A: Yes you can. When we contact you to inform that the order is ready to be delivered, we will also ask for a suitable delivery time.
Q: Do I get the Loyalty Points if I order online?
A: Loyalty Points will be given, even though the final balance will be updated online once the order is processed.

Q: I received an unwanted/damaged item, can I return them?
A:Yes you can, please return the item with receipt and after confirming the damaged product we will replace accordingly.

Q: I received an expired item, what can I do?
A: An expired item, is a damaged item, so please look at point 9.

Q: What is the delivery charge? ( is it completely free or free for ex. over €20)
A: We do have a minimum order value which allows us to give our clients free delivery.

Q: How will the products be delivered?
A: Once a delivery time and place is confirmed, our delivery men will bring the goods directly to your doorstep.

Q: Will frozen items be kept frozen in the delivery van? How do you keep my product fresh?
A: Our delivery vans are fully refrigerated to ensure your goods are delivered fresh to your doorstep.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: Details on our return policy can be found on our Terms and Conditions section.

Q: Do you charge on bags on delivery?
A: We deliver your goods in cardboard boxes and not plastic bags.


Loyalty Card
Q: Can I use my loyalty card? How?
A: Loyalty Cards can be exchanged for vouchers for selected outlets. For more info, visit the loyalty section on the web site.

Q: I forgot to use my loyalty card, can the points be added?
A: For points to be added, we need to know your points number or no points will be added to your balance.


Q: Can I add or change my order? (before/after submitting)
A: Please bear in mind that after pressing the submit button you would have confirmed the order, however we would try our outmost to change the order.

Q: Can I order by phone instead of online?
A: Yes you can. Please contact us for more information.

Q: How do I cancel my order?
A: Once an order is processed you will need to contact us to cancel your order.

Q: Cheese Counter Items: Can I order any weight or are there standard weights?
A: You can purchase cheese by weight but should we find a problem with the supplied weight, you will be contacted accordingly.

Q: Butcher Items: Will all butcher items be available on delivery? What about weight?
A: Yes they will be available for delivery and you can select whether to purchase pre-packed or by weight.

Q: Vegetables: Are vegetables pre-packed or can I order my desired amount?
A: We offer both pre-packed and by weight.

Q: I have a previous credit note; will I be able to use it when shopping online?
A: No. Credit notes cannot be redeemed online. You would have to ask for a voucher and not a credit note.

Q: Will I receive an order confirmation?
A: Yes. You will receive an email confirming the order.

Q: How do I find catalogue specials?
A: If the product has an offer, it will be displayed accordingly with the product in question.

Q: Can I order cigarettes?
A: No. Cigarettes cannot be purchased online.

Q: Can I save my order and complete it later?
A: Your order is automatically saved, and you can log in later to find your order still in the basket.

Q: Does the site record my order history?
A: Within your account you can view your past orders as well as view the status of each one.

Q: Will an item I ordered be substituted by something similar if not is stock?
A: Yes, but will contact you beforehand.

Q: Do the prices online include VAT?
A: If a product is taxable, yes it will include VAT.


Submitting the Shopping List
Q: How do I submit my shopping list?
A: Within your shopping cart you will have a 'checkout' button that will ask to confirm your order / payment type... and then begin processing your order.

Q: Can I add items while reviewing products?
A: Yes you can.

Q: Will I be notified if an item I asked for will for some reason not be available? (not in stock)
A: Yes. You will be contacted accordingly to see whether you wish to change the product or simply remove it.



Q: Do I pay cash on delivery or by credit card?
A: You can pay by Cash/POS on delivery or by Credit Card.

Q: If by credit card, what types of credit cards do you accept?
A: We accept all major foreign and local cards for both BOV and HSBC.

Q: Will I know the total amount to pay before the actual delivery arrives?
A: Yes. You will be given the order total upon checkout as well as in the confirmation email.

Q: Are online prices the same as store prices?
A: No. We offer competitive prices that are cheaper than those found in the store.