Location: Malta
Currency: € EUR

COVID-19 Notices

We are taking these precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Kindly read and follow the below preventive steps: 

  • In order to minimise interaction, kindly know beforehand what you want to purchase.  
  • Customers who have returned from any country hit by COVID-19 who should be following mandatory quarantine as instructed by the Authorities, will not be allowed to enter the Greens Supermarket premises. It is your responsibility to provide accurate information. This is enforceable by law. Failures to observe this obligation will result in fines.  
  • Customers who display symptoms of fever, cough or respiratory infections will not be allowed to enter the Greens Supermarket premises.  
  • During peak timings, customers will be allowed to enter the premises a few at a time.    
  • Kindly use our bathroom to thoroughly clean your hands when you enter and before you leave our premises.    
  • Avoid bringing children to the supermarkets.  
  • Only one customer per purchase will be allowed to enter in order to limit the number of people inside the premises.  
  • You are required to keep a minimum of 2M distance from the counter.  
  • All Customers and Staff must have either a mask or a visor or both. Otherwise they are not allowed to enter in the premises according to the Government rules. 
  • Card payments are preferred to reduce the risk of contamination from cash.  
  • Only 3 persons at a time will be allowed in the lifts.  
  • Until further notice we have stopped the #BYOC – Bring your own container campaign and our staff will not be accepting any containers brought from home.
  • Cash on delivery will not be accepted. All purchases MUST be paid online via Credit cards. 
  • Delivery strictly to door only. (The delivery person will not enter any premises)