Location: Malta
Currency: € EUR


Why are there missing items in my delivery?

When shopping online you are given an option to have replacements of the product you chose sent. If this option is marked as ‘no replacements’ we do not send you the missing items. Should you wish to have some items replaced you can check this tutorial on 'how to add product comments'

My bill total was more than the receipt I received upon delivery. When do I get a refund?

The amount from the order summary is a preauthorisation which means that the funds are frozen and not withdrawn. The final amount on the receipt is the actual amount that we deduct. Kindly check your statement as the amount would have changed to reflect the right amount.

I forgot my loyalty card when shopping at the supermarket; how do I add points for that shopping?

You are kindly requested to present the receipt and greens card to our customer care who will be able to add these points to your account. 

My partner and I each have a loyalty card; can we link these cards so that we gain points on the same account?

Yes, kindly send the numbers on the back of your Greens cards (both starting with 2060010) to websupport@greens.com.mt and we will link the cards for you. 

I forgot some items, I want to add them to my shopping, how do I do that?

You can send an email to orders@greens.com.mt, and we will add it to your order. This is subject to the order is still being compiled. We do our best to compile your order as close to the delivery time as possible to ensure the freshness of your items. The items will not be added if the order has already been closed.

How do I return items?

In-store shopping You are kindly requested to bring the product together with the receipt to our customer care department who will be able to help you.   

Online shopping Kindly send an email on websupport@greens.com.mt with the item you wish to return, the order number, and the reason for the return and we will be able to guide you.

Why did some of my items become unavailable?

Whilst we try our best to have the most recent information available, we cannot guarantee that items are always available online. At any given moment items could become unavailable due to in-store shoppers. 

I want to cancel my order

You can send an email to orders@greens.com.mt for your order to be cancelled. If you chose online payment as a method of payment, a refund will be processed to your account. This needs to be done 24 hours prior to delivery.

What happens if I lose my loyalty card?

You are kindly requested to inform us by sending an email to websupport@greens.com.mt with your name, surname, and ID card number and we will guide you through the process. 

Why can’t I choose a delivery date after completing an order?

The reason this happens is that you have no addresses listed on your account. Kindly follow this tutorial 'how to add an address to your account'